Downdraft Paint Booths

Our downdraft paint booths ensure that you get unparalleled quality in your paint jobs. The booths provide a clean, dry, and warm environment for the painting to take place in. This means that you get a cleaner finish, and a shorter wait time.

A down draft paint booth is designed to have the air be heated and dried above the booth and flow downwards over the car and exit via ducting located under the car. This process allows for some very important benefits one of the most notable ones is cleanliness, By drawing the air downwards and away from the vehicle the overspray and contaminants are pulled down and away no matter where the paint is being sprayed. Finishes are generally cleaner which results in less buffing and corrections after the finish is dry which results in faster paint times and less waste. This also ensures a better finish that will not only look better but also protect your car for many years to come.